3D App/Ultimate Drill Book – Add On

The 3d Viewer App allows you to take your
Pyware 3D drills anywhere.

Designed for both directors and performers, the app eliminates the need to print anything whatsoever. You’ll see your drills animate the way they were intended. Floats, Follow-The-Leaders, and curved pathways all animate flawlessly whether you’re watching the playback animation in fluid or step time. Retrieve file updates / re-writes instantly with the press of a button. View both Production Sheet and Text Box instruction information. Pinch zoom, rotate, tilt and shift to view the drill from any angle. Up to 8x animation speed. Repeat and Play All animation controls. Count Track that allows you to stop and view any count of drill. Search for performers in the drill’s Cast List. Switch between ensemble view and performer view (great for performer learning). See detailed performer coordinate instructions on any count of the drill. Spotlight an individual performer.

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Executing the correct pathway is essential for every marcher. UDBapp shows where you came from and where you’re going to next. Say goodbye to bad first reps.